1partCarbon strives to make great digital products that we would be happy to call our own.  We want to see the software we build delighting users.

illustration of digital products

Who we are

We are designers, UX specialists, software and electronics engineers, full stack specialists, security and pen test specialists, game designers and data specialists.

We are technology agnostic in recommending and applying the best technology to the task at hand. We keep up to date with the technologies available and can quickly adapt.

We offer high quality, bringing our enthusiasm for good software and pursuit of excellence to our customers products and solutions. 

Our work ethic

Our aim is to create a workplace culture where everyone on the team looks forward to coming into work.

We believe that a positive and supportive work environment is key to job satisfaction, and we work hard to foster this. From team get togethers and opportunities for professional development, to flexible work hours and a relaxed dress code, we aim to create a place where our team feels valued and appreciated.

We want everyone on the team to feel comfortable and happy, so they can focus on their work and achieve their best results.

About the team

The team at 1partCarbon are committed to contributing to a healthy society and environment.  Our team is comprised of individuals who are conscious of our impact on the planet and strive to make positive changes in both our personal and professional lives.

We are passionate about personal health and fitness and many of us seek to challenge ourselves through sport and exercise both physically and mentally.  Many of us have participated in high-level competitions, some representing our countries at international level and we bring this competitive spirit to our work as well.  

Although we often work remotely from various locations, our team remains closely connected and motivated by shared interests and values. We use technology to collaborate effectively, always striving for excellence and finding new ways to improve.