Trakz Animal Tracking App

Spinning out from an original contract with Tesco Bank, our in house of team of electronic product designers and software engineers created the world’s first fully flexible pet tracking collar.

What we did

Technologies: Ionic, Cordova, Angular, Typescript, Ruby on Rails and Go

As well as designing and developing the hardware, firmware and infrastructure for the collar itself, we made an easy to use mobile App for pet owners and their families to keep track of their pet’s location and activity.We started off with a focus group of pet owners and worked together with them to identify the key requirements, putting together wireframes and getting user feedback at every stage of the journey.

The App gets regular updates from the collar itself, displaying the pet’s location on a Google map in real time. Users can set safe zones which trigger a push notification to the user and any associated accounts if the pet leaves this area. Users can see graphs of daily distance and activity time for their pets, as well as heat maps of frequently visited locations. Users can also trigger push notifications to associated devices using the Lost Pet function in the app.

The app is easily configurable for any users to be able to manage their notifications or the frequency of updates from the collar itself. As well as being an app which gives peace of mind to users who want to keep track of their pet’s location and health, it is also fun to use with colourful branding and customisable user input such as photos.


Delivery of word’s first flexible tracking device and fitbit for pets.  Unique plastics and PCB design, advanced remote battery monitoring and data collection, advanced multi device/multi animal/multi user cross platform mobile app.