MDT Medical Chat App

A global healthcare technology company contracted us to design and add a secure medical messaging app for the world’s first healthcare specific combined video conferencing and multi discipline team meeting software (MDT) which we helped them built during Covid.  The App needed to be highly secure and compliant with both NHS and private healthcare systems.

What we did

Technologies: React Native, Typescript, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS

Using React Native we have created an instant messaging app which handles chats, messages, secure upload and export of assets, as well as push notifications to alert users of important updates. It also handles users who are employed by more than one company, so that they can retain access to all their information on one device whilst maintaining secure separation of data.We ensured that the messaging app has adhered to the branding and UI of its sister website application, so users can switch between the two apps seamlessly. 


The result is that medical professionals across multiple disciplines are now using this app not only for their MDTs but as a secure replacement for WhatsApp and other insecure messaging Apps.  

Our client has already won new contracts and clients on the basis of this supplementary offering to their product range.