Best Mobile Deal

Best Mobile Deal is an app developed for a specialist telecoms client. The native Apps for Android and iOS compare the best mobile deals in market depending on an accurate analysis of the users’ data.

What we did

Technologies: Swift and Java for iOS and Android, Ruby on Rails and Go

The app analyses data usage from the device in order to average the data usage of the phone, as well as provide information to the user about the apps which use the most mobile data. It then connects to an external API to use that information to analyse over 250,000 deals to find the user the top three mobile phone and SIM card deals. As well as accessing the device’s data usage in a completely secure way, the priority for us has been to ensure that the user interface is very simple to use, with little input required beyond a simple registration workflow.


Launched in December 22, the app has been generating revenue every day since launch.  The client is delighted and has commissioned more work on new projects.