We make exceptional software for our customers and partners

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Our methodology

Our teams are a flexible resource, accelerating the build of beautifully crafted digital products and services while sharing our knowledge of software process and design.

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Working as small development teams, rather than individual contractors, we develop new projects, spike technology and re-work legacy systems.

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Most of our team has been together for over a decade and we bring cohesion and experience to all our projects 

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We act as a flexible labour resource, saving you time and money on full time recruitment fees, training and staff retention.

How we can help

We work for or alongside our clients and in dedicated teams, so you benefit from both the knowledge and experience of individual engineers and that of the wider team.

Quality of delivery

Our deliverables are well documented, and our test-driven development enables other developers to take ownership with ease.

Knowledge transfer 

We work with internal teams to hand over and transfer knowledge and also help clients interview new hires to work on projects. You acquire team knowledge, experience and process.

Project management

We use an adaptive agile process, tested, refined and constantly improving for over a decade.

What we’ve been working on …

A global healthcare technology company contracted us to design and add a secure medical messaging app for the world’s first healthcare specific combined video conferencing and multi discipline team meeting software (MDT) which we helped them built during Covid.  The App needed to be highly secure and compliant with both NHS and private healthcare systems.

Some of the people we have worked with …