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    Who are 1partCarbon?

    1partCarbon was founded in May 2012, we prototype and develop digital systems, applications and products. We are profitable, entirely self-funded and sustaining.  There is currently a team of 16 working for the company.

    Most of our work is software based, however, we also design and manufacture electronic products and non-digital products.

    Our goal is to build interesting and challenging stuff. We want our team to be as creative as possible and when we like an idea generated by the team, we invest in it.

    We have also used our profits to invest in and take equity in other start-ups we like.  

    Our Culture

    We’d like to think it is what we set out to achieve when we formed the company: a place where people are happy to come to work.

    We are based at Summerhall’s Techcube (the city’s old vet school) in Edinburgh adjacent to the University and the Meadows. It offers us the very best mix of green space and a vibrant, centrally located urban creative and tech community. In 2015 we will also be opening offices in the South East and Benelux.

    We are doing well and growing sustainably and need more talented, creative people to join our team.

    What job openings do we have?

    We are always looking for good developers with a desire to learn and work on creative projects.

    What skill sets are we looking for?

    As a team we embrace and build upon open source technologies. We have a wide and varied skillset, Ruby, Rails, Ember, Backbone, Node, Java, Objective C, Linux, HTML5 Mobile Applications, Video production and Visual Design. Most of our current development is Ruby and JS based, but we determine our technology choices by what a project requires.

    A lot of our current development is Ruby on Rails based and experience is in Ruby and Rails would be fantastic. That said, ideally we are looking for strong all round developers who are willing to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly.

    We have developed an agile development process that delivers. On software projects we tend to pair program.


    Like our approach to work our recruitment process is novel. We pair interview. If you get asked to come in, several of the team will sit down with you and work through problems collaboratively. Then you get to give your feedback on the process and we collect the team’s feedback on you and make a decision. You’ll know within 48 hours if we want you to join us.


    We pay well. As well as good salaries, flexible working conditions/hours, locations and holidays, we have bonus schemes and other interesting incentives to ensure that your contribution is properly valued.

    If you like the sound of what we do, please get in touch at

    You could be joining one of the most innovative and fastest growing tech companies in the country.

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