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A bit about us

  • 1partCarbon is an experienced team of technical and product creatives headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    We build Interactive prototypes and solutions for mobile, web, interactive digital, electronic products and social media.

    We turn our customer’s ideas into reality.

    Our customers are varied in size and shape, sector and aims ranging through individual entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporate and public sector organisations. 

  • If you have a great idea and don’t know how to get started, call us for a chat, or check out more about us and how we work.

    Our team is known for its breadth of technical knowledge.

    With a wide and varied skill set we pick the right tools for you and your project. We are well equipped to bring your ideas to life, quickly.

  • Our technology expertise covers multiple platforms and areas from financial and medical systems design, to rapid software and electronic prototyping. We are currently building assessment systems, medical apps, financial solutions and electronic prototypes for our clients.

    If you have a great idea we want to help you build a great solution.

Working with us

  • Working with you - Customer scenario

    Customer scenario

    Your idea, your IP, your budget

    You come to us with an idea, you have budget, we discuss your requirements in confidence, we agree a cost and timetable, we build the product, we test it with you and deliver it.

  • Working with you - Partnership Scenario

    Partnership scenario

    Your idea, your IP, shared budget

    You come to us with an idea, you don’t have the full budget to build a product. We discuss your requirements in confidence, we propose a cost and timetable.

    If we really like the idea we will invest a degree of time and effort for a share of the product or service; this could be an equity share and/or a share in profit streams. We build the product/service, we test it with you and deliver it. You retain the IP.

  • Working with you - Prototyping


    Your idea, your IP, requiring external funding

    You have a great idea, you need a prototype to harness investment. We discuss your requirements in confidence, we propose a cost and timetable. If we really like the idea we will invest a degree of time for an equity share. You retain the IP.

    We will also help you raise external funding for your project, by helping you get investor ready, developing marketing plans and introducing you to suitable angels and VCs.

In the Lab: VeloCityLight

We are all about software ... but we also like to experiment with new and exciting technologies and build our own inventions.

The latest product from our invention lab is a powerful rear LED light that displays cyclists' speed to drivers. It makes you bright, distinct and visible on the road.

From the blog

  • Serving alpha channel images via nginx

    by Mark Somerville
    Mark Somerville

    We wanted to serve images with an alpha channel, using the most efficient format that each browser can handle. Here's one pretty clean way that avoids use of the `if` directive in nginx.

  • Real Loop Running Times

    by Paul Hornsey
    Paul Hornsey

    We all see CPU clock speeds advertised such as 3.4GHz and get amazed at how much a processor can do each second.  It's only when trying to solve problems with values such as 1014 that you realise that looping that many times is not going to finish while you have a cup of tea.  This blog puts some real run times to a simple loop.

  • Incepting Inception

    by Colin Gemmell
    Colin Gemmell

    At 1partCarbon all our projects start with an inception, sitting down with the client to find out what they need. Continual improvement is very important to us, and when starting a new internal project (more on that soon) it seemed like the perfect opportunity to look at how we could better our inception process.